Painting Rocks: Size 1

$19.95 for bag of 20 hand-picked stones

Size range of 2.0 to 3.0 inches in diameter

Painting Rocks: Size 2

$19.95 for bag of 15 hand-picked stones

Size range of 3.0 to 4.5 inches in diameter

Painting Rocks: Size 3

$19.95 for bag of 7 hand-picked stones

Size range of 4.5 to 5.0 inches in diameter

A “Basalt Canvas” stone
Painting on stones is great… if you have a smooth surface to paint on.  The stones we offer are hand-selected to be lovely shapes, a smooth surface and flat like you need for painting.  They take paint beautifully (they don’t soak it up like your local landscaping store rocks) and come in a variety of sizes.   

About These Stones:

  • PERFECT FOR ROCK PAINTING: nice grey-colored and smooth surface for creating a kindness message or art to display in your home, garden or hide in your community for others to find and enjoy.
  • ASSORTED SIZE AND SHAPE: the stones in our sets are hand-selected to fit within a certain size range of diameter, please see above product details.  
  • VERY SMOOTH PAINTING SURFACE: Painting on a smooth non-porous surface is much more fun (and easier) than a rough, pitted surface. Our stones are smooth 🙂

What Other People Think:

“At first I thought I was crazy paying $20 for a bag of rocks but these are perfect for rock painting. Every one is smooth and clean. The sizes are exactly as described. The difference in the smooth surface vs. painting around divots is huge when painting something that can’t show imperfections but I also use less paint because these rocks do not soak it up like local rocks. I have already ordered a different size.”
Reviewer on Amazon


“FINALLY. FINALLY. FINALLY. After many misses on purchasing rocks to paint on… I have found my rock of consistent muse. Nice size. (my expectations were smaller!) Smooth surface. At my door in two business days. I will be a return shopper and passing on the great purchase to others! Thank-you!”
Another reviewer on Amazon


“I have to admit that I felt a little foolish ordering rocks off Amazon, but I wanted to paint them with paint pens, and these rocks were perfect! Not only were they the size and shape described, but they are so clean, you don’t even need to wipe them off before painting! My granddaughters were absolutely thrilled with them, and the flat shape made it so easy for them to paint on. It may seem crazy to order rocks, but these are worth it!”
One more reviewer on Amazon

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