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If you’re looking for super smooth stones that work really well for painting, then you’ve come to the right place.

We started out (and still are in) in the massage stone industry. Each year we sort through 60,000+ pounds of stones and some aren’t quite the “right” size and shape for massage.  For years we never really had a good place for them.  We finally realized (after a friend at church pointed this out to our business manager) that they are perfect for rock painting.

These stones are a far better in smoothness, texture and shape than what you’ll find as landscape stone at Home Deport or Lowe’s or some other local landscape supplier.  Our “Basalt Canvas” stones give a great surface to paint on.

In fact each stone goes through a tumbling, cleaning, sorting and sizing process before they ever get to you.  Those that don’t pass a certain level of quality in size, shape and smoothness get rejected (and end up at a local landscape store here in AZ.)

Basalt Stone (which is the type of stone we offer) is very dense and after going through our tumbling process has an incredible finish.  This means it takes paint very nicely and is a great canvas to paint on.

This is why we call them Basalt Canvas.  Click here to see your stone painting options.


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